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At-Home COVID Testing for Pirates

In the age of COVID, we are all worried all the time. Am I sick? Did he just breathe on me? Will I kill my parents? I’m not even worried for myself, I say, but am I going to be the asshole that infects everyone? Every decision feels so heavy 1 all of the time. It’s exhausting. A friend told me one day: a group of friends planned a get-together, and everyone got tested in the morning at a nearby center with a turnaround of a couple hours. Brilliant. Testing. How obvious a salve! If I could know with reasonable confidence before and after an event that I was safe, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about killing my friends and parents, and I could do more things and see more humans. But, of course, in my area, I couldn’t find a testing center that would even test me without symptoms, much less give a sub-day turnaround. And, given the timeline of infection, I would really want frequent access to testing to make sure I wasn’t missing the onset of an infection. Alas. I admit I ra

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